Cristin Kan

ProperWealth_sales_consoultant_Cristin_KanCristin is an enthusiastic and very approachable person who enjoys helping others to achieve their goals in life, in particular she specialises in assisting people to plan a better financial future.  She works many hours and tirelessly to ensure our clients at ProperWealth are well looked after and in the right path to their success.

Cristin graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor degree in International Business, majoring in Economics. She worked as a supervisor for a newsagency while she was completing her degree. This experience has benefited her greatly in developing the precious skill of active listening and prioritising customer focus.

Since Cristin was introduced to the real estate industry over a decade ago, she has been actively using her experience, knowledge and skills to help people meet their needs in finding the right homes and suitable options in property investment. Cristin builds a strong working relationship with her clients in ProperWealth by responding to all enquiries in a prompt manner and maintains close contacts with both buyers & sellers to ensure they reach the best possible outcomes for their properties.

ProperWealth is committed to bringing our clients the best service that the real estate industry has to offer.  Come speak with Cristin and our team today to experience this first hand.




Devin Lu

Devin has a real passion for working with people and a keen interest in property investment. With his years of experience in the Brisbane real estate industry, he utilises his knowledge to provide clients with the customised property investment strategies to help them achieve a worry free financial future.

He treats everyone with honesty and works with enthusiasm which is reflected by the great number of friends he made through their business acquaintance.

Devin works as part of the ProperWealth team to deliver to you quality investment advice in off-the-plan projects, completed newly released apartments, townhouses, duplex, houses as well as second hand homes.




Eva Lam

ProperWealth Sales Consoultant Eva LamAlthough Eva is relatively new to the real estate industry, her successful track record of the past year in ProperWealth has shown that she is no doubt a force to be reckoned with.

Her passion for her work and dedication to customer satisfaction has left a great impression upon all those whom she has come in contact, team members and clients alike. Eva’s extensive knowledge of the southern side of Brisbane and fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin have made her a valuable member of the ProperWealth team as well as a great resource to our customers.

Eva is a driven & friendly person coupled with strong negotiation skills making her your ideal ally to get the best deals and achieve your objectives in the real estate arena. Come and speak with Eva at ProperWealth today and you are already a few steps ahead of others in game. Don’t wait in becoming a proud home owner or an investor in off-the-plan development, apartments, townhouses, duplex and houses.



Karen Kong

ProperWealth_sales_consoultant_Karen_kongKaren is a loyal and genuinely down-to-earth person.  After migrating to Australia from Hong Kong over 20 years ago, she has been living and working in Brisbane ever since. If you live around the south side of Brisbane or a regular visitor to Sunnybank you would probably have seen her friendly face around. Or more likely, you might have heard about her from your friends or families who had experienced her exceptional service as their travel consultant.

In the past several years, she has turned her attention to the real estate industry; an area of her true passion and personal interest for many years. Whether you are a savvy property investor or new to the property market, here at ProperWealth our friendly consultants will take the time to sit down with you to help you prepare a tailored investment strategy that you can take action today.  And if you book a time with Karen, she will be more than happy to share with you her 20 years’ worth of personal experience on property investment in the Brisbane market.

Whether you are investing for tax deduction purposes or growing your investment portfolio in off-the-plan projects, apartments, townhouses, duplex and houses; you have come to the right place here at ProperWealth.


Sam Yang

ProperWealth sales consoultant SamSam’s experience as a real estate consultant is credited to his record of success in helping the clients at ProperWealth to achieve their property investment goals. Sam believes that property investment doesn’t have to be painstakingly complicated and he seeks to educate his clients with one simple strategy: keeping yourself continually up-to-date with the property market and learn from other successful property investors. Without a doubt, being in the company of Sam and other quality real estate professions here at ProperWealth; property investment is not only made simpler but it can be surprisingly fun.

Sam’s passion for creating financial freedom for his clients has generated in him a desire to ensure all his clients are heard and given the best investment advice that are tailored to their circumstances. Sam believes that the way to success is not something that should be blindly copied but rather it is created uniquely according to different individuals. Come visit Sam at ProperWealth and he will point you in the right direction whether you are looking to invest or personally reside in an apartment, a townhouse, a duplex, off-the-plan development or a house.



Sandy Lin

ProperWealth Sales Sandy LinSandy is one of ProperWealth’s most treasured assets and a true real estate veteran in every respect. With her previous experience in successfully running a variety of small businesses, she is not only well-versed in many areas but more importantly she is able to help you build the confidence you need to achieve your desired success because she has literally been there & done that. Sandy has been conducting business in real estate for nearly a decade. She is experienced in offering professional advice on all types of properties including both new and second hand properties, investment in apartments, house and land packages and townhouses.

In addition, her strong working relationship with qualified accountants, home & business financial managers, brokers and lawyers means that you will be getting the maximum benefit & value for your time with her. Her expertise also benefits ProperWealth clients from oversea by helping them choose suitable land for redevelopment, design and construction of their own homes.

Whether you are from Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Australia, you need to look no further for someone who can understand you because we have one of the best real world consultants here at ProperWealth. With Sandy, you can expect to get the best service from her with full integrity and sincerity.



Sarah Liu

ProperWealth sales consoultant SarahSarah has a solid background in accounting and business management on top of being qualified as a full licensed real estate agent. She is self-motivated, dynamic and determined to become the best that she can be as well as helping others to do the same. She has a strong desire to keep learning new things and facing new challenges so she can be ready to assist anybody who comes to her for help in the real estate industry.
Being a high achiever academically through obtaining a Master degree from Queensland University is only one of Sarah’s strengths, her years of experience in Corporate Administration and sales management is another invaluable asset to her clients here at ProperWealth. After migrating to Australia, Sarah has been involved in running a growing franchise business in various shopping centres in Brisbane. Not only does she know how to make a profit from running a business, she also has a keen sense in property investments as well as other services offered by ProperWealth.
Sarah enjoys sharing her ideas and thoughts on creating a brighter financial future with her clients. Her model of success comes from her belief & actions in helping other people achieve success in their goals.  The way she looks after our clients here at ProperWealth is through assisting them to make decisions with her professional knowledge and a sincere attitude.  Sarah has a good reputation of being trustworthy and can be rely upon to provide the best quality service ProperWealth has to offer.